Experience your Light Body

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HALO Lightweaving the next step in Human transformation…

(Halo is activated from the heightened experiences of the heart)

At birth the Heart has no binding knots, as we experience trauma

These knots are created. HALO removes these knots.

When Cleared the heart is a multidimensional bridge to all that exists.

The form and structure of the entire universe is enfolded within each part.
“Separation without separateness, reality without rift.”

Experience Quantum Transformations

Activate your Light Body and move within the dimension where accelerated healing and manifestation are possible. Start you’re healing in the spiritual plain and let it trickle down to full spirit mind body transformation. Once the lightbody has been reconnected to its source, is in alignment, neutralized and accelerated to its highest attuned vibrational state, all Healing and Manifestation can occur.
In Light Weaving you are handed the keys to a limitless dimension where you are given unlimited tools to affect true personal and Quantum change.

LightWeaving and HALO is applied Quantum science.

The connection and health of the Light Body directly affects your life, if a person has experienced trauma, abuse, abandonment, addiction, depression, sex abuse…The Lightbody becomes fragmented and often barely connected .

When unconnected your attractor field is affected and manifestation becomes nearly impossible. True Life purpose becomes cloudy and fragmented.

Reconnection to this lightbody recreates potential reality’s by utilizing the energy of creation called Prakriti, A Hindu term for the floating light and sound.

Prakriti means “that which gives shapes”signifying Nature or pure energy potential of creation. With a combination of Technics this Prakriti becomes accessible. It is believed from this matter everything was created instantly… with a single conscious thought.

The Heart

To clear the heart and make the connection to Prakriti you must

The first step is acceleration of the lightbody, multiple lightbody healings, discharging of old issues, Reconstruction of the will Light body connection, than Attunement to life’s higher holistic desires.

HALO system easily locates hidden charged issues that may be unresolved or active, yet are still floating around in multiple realities, Disconnection from current life binding, ties, contracts, cords cables, and expectations are expedited by bi-location of the Light Bodys out of this current morphic field. First neutralization of the issues that still float around you that may have happened at any stage of your currant life or past lives. When not resolved and discharged they create more resonance and attract like experiences that must be worked out by you any other parties that are tuned to that emotional frequency. Choose to break the cycle.

To become a vehicle for the manifestation you experience your highest vibrational experience and you must be attuned to Love, Forgiveness, Compassion, Giving, Fulfillment, Knowing, and Abundance. While in Prakriti, manifestation of desires is simply an attunement while within this light and sound plasma field of creation.

Once the light body has been cleared and reconstructed the host is attuned to higher unconditional human nurturing experiences. There is a three area Heart Clearing that manifests, now new life experiences resonate with empowering positive creative ripples.

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Free Your Light body

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Halo Tune-ups can address:


Morphic field attunement

Activate DNA

Holographic reference adjusted

Lightbody acceleration

Activate Hara and energy field circulation

Cellular Bio-resonant attunement

Re-Connect to your attractor fields


Longevity attunements to morphic fields

Revived personal Contracts

Personal Empowerment

Discharge abandonment, Grief and loss

Love and relationship attunements

Removal of negative self-programming

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Glen Allen

HALO Lightweaver