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LightWeaving For Lightworkers Healing Starts with the Heart
Chapter 17: The Technique step one from my book Healing Starts with the Heart on Amazon

These simple Heart Clearing exercises I have released in this book have had incredible life changing results for over almost 20 years.

Clearing the heart is the first step to Regenerative Healing and Accelerated Manifestation.

I developed a system of healing in the 80s, I called Light Weaving.

It is similar to hypnosis but ask the light body questions and do clearings while the client is in a suspended state.

I had to develop a method of clearing the heart and removing trauma and grief In public situations.

Most of these situations were very noisy being at seminars, conventions and outside Kiosks.

A new techqnic was needed, So I developed this technique I call Halo Light-weaving.

I would set up 6 chairs and bring the clients on stage to work on them.

I use muscle testing, but it isn’t necessary for this technique to work while working on yourself or with a partner.

When successful there is usually something I call flooding.

This happens when the heart is clear and releasing.

It is fun to do at these events because the chairs will be full of people flooding and hugging each other with pure open hearts.


18: The Heart Clearing ……


I use this technique on my clients to release the heart and re-groove the synaptic Patterns around traumatic incidents.

If you do this exercise three times a week for two weeks you will discover a huge difference in the way people will receive you and how you perceive them.This will surpass regular therapy tenfold as far as releasing People you meet daily see past your physical body and see your energy field around you.

If you are within 6 feet of most people your energy will start to interact with them.

When you clear the heart using the following exercise your attractor fields open exponentially.

It shouldn’t take more than 7 minutes from start to finish.

There are four faults or corrections needed to release the Heart trauma.

The first is what others have done to you.

Some examples would be shame, demeaning suppression stealing something from you, teasing, fear based heart trauma and physical abuse.

The second is grief. The initial incident or information that started the grief needs to be released or broken down and the spirit, synaptic patterns and physical body needs the release at the same time to achieve success.

The third is what you have done to yourself.

The forth is lost love.

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Developed by Glen Allen June 1988 Chico Ca.

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Halo sessions are 30 minutes long, Lighweavings are 1 hour 30 minutes long.
Lightweaving sessions Are designed to repair, rebuild and extend the lightbody.


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For an appointment
contact. Glen Allen  email
We accept Paypal for Manuals and Trainings
For Lightweaving or HALO Lightweaving Certification email me.
Developed by Glen Allen June 1988 Portland Oregon.

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